Brand Identity | Iconography | Photography | Web Design

During my three-months internship at VigLink, I was able to built their new brand identity, website and marketing collateral with the marketing director and the marketing intern.

Brand Reinvention: Publisher Revenue Delivered.

Create a better web by making every link intelligent and valuable. VigLink delivers revenue to publishers through content-driven-commerce with leverage, insight, and automation.


Different perspectives of the geometric shapes in the logo show the two letters that represent VigLink, the “V” and “L”.

Product Icons

Each icon represents a specific VigLink product. As users must be able to easily connect the icons to the main logo, the single difference is a slight color change in each.

Logos in Context

This is how we use the logos on the product one-pagers.


I created a simple color palette with black, white, and blue, as well as four secondary colors.

Primary Colors

Secondary Colors


Typography must be consistent to ensure uniformity of the brand identity system. We chose Futura PT as the typeface.


Icons are used for graphical support and communicate VigLink’s core values. We developed three different icon sets. Here is a snippet of what we have.

1/ Leverage
2/ Insight
3/ Automation
6/ Your Friends Are Welcome
5/Save on Your Commute
4/ Plan for Your Future
7/ San Francisco
8/ New York
9/ Austin

Icons in use

The office icons on the company page.

The perks icons on the career page.


As an important component of the brand identity, photographs are used on the website, brand book, and promotional materials.

Employee Photoshoot

We also took photos of all the employees in the company with our new logos. Here is a snippet of the photos we took:


The website was one of our main projects during my internship, in which we incorporated all the various components of the new identity. Click each tab below to see four sample pages. You can also visit the website here:


I combined the use of typography, graphic design fundamentals, and digital tools to create new marketing materials such as one-pagers, business cards, notebooks, as well as product design for existing and beta products.

Business Card

Specification: 2 × 3.5 in

The subtle raised spot gloss on the front of the card shows the wireframe of the logo.

Here is more collateral: