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The purpose of this project is to visualize the invisible. Water is invisible, and it is supposed to have no taste, but for all sorts of reasons, the water we drink every day has a unique taste.

Seeing the invisible.

in this project, I did taste tests on 20 different water samples from various sources including bottled water and tap water.

PH Reference

The PH reference was created to determine the accuracy of the test result. I also want to explore the relation between taste and PH levels.


Water in this exhibition is gathered from following locations:

Taste Reference

The score of each flavor on the scales is given based on the following standards:

Information on the Cards

On the back of the cards, it reveals where the water is from as well as the price per 500ml.

On the front of the cards, it shows the analysis of the water (its source, taste, PH, and final score).

Front of the Cards: Each water is renamed based on its taste.

Back of the Cards: 18 bottled waters & two tap waters

The taste chart of each water can be seen through the water.

Average Drinking Water

From the data collected from the taste test. The chart below shows what a cup of average drinking water tastes like.

PH & Taste

The relation between PH and score shown in the chart indicates how the taste improves when the PH is higher.