The Emmy Winner Shows

This is an infographic made to accompany an article from Quartz (Link to the Article). The article explains how the price is getting higher each year to watch the Emmy winner shows. The first chart shows the relation between the year and the price to watch all the Emmy winners as well as some key events that happened in the TV industry such as the emergence of different streaming services. The second chart shows how online streaming is taking over traditional cable TV. The third chart shows the process of the calculation.

惊蛰 Insects Awaken

This is a project about a small alley called Spofford Street in Chinatown, San Francisco. Starting with various kinds of research on and exploration of the block, I was fascinated by the cultures and stories carried by residents when they crossed the sea years ago as refugees or immigrants. This is also my first attempt to use two different languages in my design.

The Book

The book consists of photographs, interviews, stories and Asian American poems.

Fortune Card

During my time on the block, I noticed that people like putting words referring to luck on their front doors. For the extension of this project, I wrote 40 different lucky words in Chinese with 10 different styles.

3D Typeface: October

October is a 3D typeface design based on the month October, when weather gets colder and everything starts to wither. I used stems and flowers to create the type, and potato starch to fake the snow.

More coming soon...