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Amber Cafe is a conceptual restaurant that serves traditionally preserved food without any use of artificial additives. This is a branding project including a logo, menu, social media marketing, packagings and restaurant interior design.

Nature, Preserved.

Traditionally preserved food is a piece of nature. It is also good for human body and it reduces food waste.


Amber, a kind of hard translucent fossilized resin that a lot of times contains insects, is a metaphor of preservation. The logo is inspired by the illusion created by the reflection of light through a piece of amber. Thus, the letter "A" has two different perspectives.

Logo in Context

The logo is printed on the tableware through screen printing.

The signage outside of the restaurant.

The food packagings.


A simple color palette with a metallic copper color, a light cyan, a dark green, and a muted black.

7597C Metallic
Black 2 C


Preserved food are aged. The type should be the same too. I decided to use a non-digitized typeface to represent the idea of time being preserved.

Primary Typeface

The type specimen, found in Hungary in 1930, doesn't have a name. It's a typeface that didn't get digitized.

Secondary Typeface

HK Grotesk made by Hanken Design Co.


The menu consists of dishes and drink made from preserved food from different cultures.


The pattern on the preserved eggs are used in the menu design as well as the interior to create a cohesive experience.

The Menu

The menus are printed on 6 in × 11 in sheets through screen printing.


To create a more complete brand experience, photographs are taken for the purpose of digital marketing and packaging.


The Final Photos

Preserved food requires considerable amount of time to make, and many of them have interesting shapes and textures. Thus, in the photos, I have the idea of treating preserved food as antiques or museum objects.

Photos in Use

The photographs are used on Instagram to promote the restaurant.

The photographs are also used on the packagings of the products sold at the cafe.


The design of the physical space has the same natural and organic quality.

The Inside

This is a conceptual restaurant that doesn't actually exists. These are the designs by MSDS Studio which I found work well with the Amber Cafe branding. I did photoshop the photos to match the colors.


The logos are screen printed onto the bowls, plates and cups.

Screen Printing