nóng   hō


Ivan was born in Hangzhou, China, home of the world’s best green tea. As someone who had most of his education in traditional Chinese public schools, he came to an art school without knowing anything about art and design.

Coming from a math and science background, Ivan loves principles and rules, yet is amazed by the freeness and possibility in design. Embodying contradictions of different principles and cultures, he sees himself as a bridge connecting a variety of people. He is always looking for the irregularity and impossibility in the everyday. As a designer, he wants to understand how to make use of different mediums and platforms to communicate and connect to his ideas. Because of this reason, a lot of his work is also interdisciplinary and interactive. He enjoys when people are inspired by his work and curious about his work process.

When not designing, Ivan loves watching TV dramas with a cup of soy milk and making over-sized T-shirts.

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